Healthcare sector currently employs around 36 lakhs employees and is slated to employ more than 74 lakh by 2022.

Eligibility Qualification : 12th or equivalent  in Science stream

Duration:  6 Months

This course is aimed at training for the job of “Phlebotomy Technician”, in the “Healthcare industry” and how to work safely in a lab without harming the patients and causing cross infection.

Some of the key Skills or learning would include:

  • Obtain blood samples from babies, adults and older people for testing in laboratories
  • Explain the procedure to patients
  • Reassure nervous or distressed patients
  • insert a needle and drawing off the blood into a tube
  • apply a dressing to the puncture made by the needle
  • label the blood sample
  • deliver the sample to the correct laboratory
  • complete records and enter the data on a computer

Job Opportunity

  • Phlebotomy Technician

Job Propagation

  • Medical Lab Technician