Healthcare sector currently employs around 36 lakhs employees and is slated to employ more than 74 lakh by 2022.

Eligibility Qualification: 12th or equivalent in Science stream

Duration: 18 Months

The need of the Radiology field is to have well trained technicians who are able to deliver quality care to patients. The technician is not only expected to produce quality images but also strictly stick to health and safety protocols while carrying out the X-ray examinations and procedures. The Diploma in Radiology Technician is developed keeping in mind the above mentioned aspects.

Thus the student of this course will be undergoing extensive training various techniques including Patient preparation, Exposure Techniques, Development of Image including dark room techniques or alternative methods of acquiring good image for X-ray exposures during X-ray examinations or special investigation procedures, which will help in carry out variety of tasks efficiently. The qualified technician will be trained to handle all the X-Ray equipments, manage preliminary maintenance of X- Ray Equipments. In case major failures technicians will be able to communicate respective maintenance authorities / maintenance agencies about the observed faults in X-Ray equipment effectively.

Job Opportunity

  • X-Ray Technician
  • Ultrasound Assistant

Job Propagation

  • Head Technician of X-Ray & Ultrasound Dept