Healthcare sector currently employs around 36 lakhs employees and is slated to employ more than 74 lakh by 2022.

Healthcare Training and Education

In recent times, due to technological advancements, there has been exponential growth in the Healthcare Training and Education Sector. This has created a huge requirement for skilled technicians and assistants in hospitals and diagnostic centres, more so in metro cities such as Mumbai.

To meet these requirements there has been a greater focus on imparting effective Healthcare training and education to students. As working in healthcare requires having more hands-on practice, courses are designed to make the student’s job ready.

In Mumbai, Paramedical Institute of Education and Research (PIER) under Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is the front-runner in providing health care based training and education.

We offer effective and overall Healthcare Training and Education under various specifications. Students get a vast range of courses such as Diploma in CTMRI, Diploma in X-Ray Technology, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) also have a career option after 12th with the low percentage.

Other than the diploma courses, we also provide B. Voc courses (Bachelors in Vocation). B. Voc is a degree course just as any other degree course which runs for 3 years.

However, unlike other degree courses, B. Voc courses are way effective as they are designed differently from the traditional form of training. Traditional courses such as B. Sc are more theory and less practical.

On the other hand, in B. Voc courses almost 70% of the training is practically based. So when a student completes B. Voc, he or she has had more hands-on experience and is job ready.

For Healthcare training and education, the various courses in B. Voc offered by us are B. Voc in Patient Care Management (B. Voc-PCM), B. Voc in Medical Imaging Technology (B. Voc-MIT), B. Voc in Medical Laboratory Technology (B. Voc-MLT), etc.