Healthcare sector currently employs around 36 lakhs employees and is slated to employ more than 74 lakh by 2022.


Dr. Mayank M.

(Founder & Director)

In the pursuit of quality education in Healthcare sector, Paramedical Institute for Education & Research (PIER) aim to make students employment ready, by their complete transformation in to a successful healthcare professional. PIER shape student by providing learning opportunities which transcend traditional way of education. PIER strives to provide the healthcare industry with motivated, responsible and disciplined youth, to cater the patient and industry needs with utmost care and human touch. We offer a wide range of challenging Post Graduate / Degree / Diploma / Certificate courses in Paramedical, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied science and Management, We are well equipped with all modern technology to make your learning simpler and applicable. When you visit us you will find a lively and friendly learning atmosphere. We are committed to impart highest quality of education supported by excellent state of the art infrastructure and expert faculty. We promise Knowledge, Experience, Opportunity, Growth, and Career enhancement.
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The Indian healthcare industry is seen to be growing rapidly and is expected to be at Rs.12,60,000 Cr. by 2020. As per FICCI “In the next two decades developed countries will face a shortfall of fuel (skilled professionals) and once again will have to look towards developing to make up the shortfall. India has the upper edge of larger pool of professionals with English proficiency and education to benefit more than other counties.

The allied healthcare profession needs to be made attractive for youngsters. Although the recent trends like rapid technological advancement in the medical, diagnostic and management systems; and non- standardized training programs; make it crucial to anchor formal training or education programs in the country.

The current education system is non-responsive to the skill demands of the existing and future industry, leading to a supply-demand gap on various counts. A huge number of jobs in healthcare industry in India are ‘skill based’ entailing the requirement of vocational training. The current capacity of institutions and initiatives which are imparting skill development in the country is way less than the country’s target of skilling 500 million people by 2022. Most of the Vocational Education Training Institutes are characterized by structurally rigid and outdated syllabi that do not have much sync with the prevailing industry requirements.

The effects of this situation are two fold – on one hand the industry suffers a lack of relevantly skilled work force and on the other, we witness escalation in the number of unemployed youths. This being a vicious cycle is only widening the gap between skill demand and supply.

Our Team


Our team is of highly experienced professionals from various domains of corporate life, who are passionate in up-skilling the next gen of professionals.

Our team is headed by a young and accomplished professional earned Ph.D. having specialisation in Management. An individual with a rich coverage of working in different domains such as Sales, Operations and Customer services with several corporates.

Highly qualified and specialist team of Medical and from respective domain experts with humongous experience are on the advisory board and guiding experts in faculty development whereas the  practicing doctors and the experts with a wide range of clinical exposure are the core team members and faculty members in all our institutes.

Seasoned subject matter experts with ample experience in the academics, e-learning and learning & development field is the spine of learning development factory along with support in in-house training and mentoring the team members.

Content writers born with the golden spoon of creative writing and witty imagination are the key players of the organisation, Who support our faculties.

Strict and straight forward account officer features the one man army show of finance and accounts with cool brain.

Able and soft spoken personas maintain the relationships with all the stakeholders around the world.

Skilful personality maintains the admin, IT and logistics single headedly and expertly.



PIER is associated with top Universities approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC) and respective state government or central government, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and various other Institutions to  spearheads our mission to impart vocational education for skills required for Healthcare industry all across India and enable it to reach out to the millions of youth across the country who need and deserve a good education and employment.

The approach adopted by PIER is called the Work Integrated Training programme (WITP) align towards the New Educational Policy. These Vocational Educational Programs are being implemented for the first time in India with a focus on job-specific skills rather than providing only a broad based education. The aim is to enable the students to learn the skill by engaging in on-the-job training at real shop floor of the industry/company along with the classroom theoretical training.