Healthcare sector currently employs around 36 lakhs employees and is slated to employ more than 74 lakh by 2022.

Scope of paramedical courses in Mumbai

Healthcare professionals have been in existence for centuries, and no one can deny their importance and significance to the Society and the Human race. With this co-exists the world of Paramedical Professionals.

Without Paramedical staff, the doctors, surgeons even the nurses start feeling helpless. As the Healthcare industry is getting more and more organized with each passing day the importance of Paramedics is not only being emphasized but being felt by all. This has led to a huge increase in the scope of paramedical courses.

Also, the industry is facing the shortage of skilled Paramedical professionals, especially in cities such as Mumbai.

To overcome this shortage and to empower today’s youth with a successful career, Paramedical Institute of Education and Research (PIER) under the affiliation of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has been providing Degree and Diploma courses in paramedical courses.

The B. Voc courses they provide includes B.Voc in Patient Care Management (B. Voc –PCM), B.Voc in Medical Imaging Technology (B. Voc-MIT), B.Voc in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Voc-MLT), etc. Whereas for Diploma courses, the students get to choose from Diploma in CTMRI, Diploma in X-Ray Technology, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT).

Thanks to the internet, there has been a significant increase in the awareness of lifestyle diseases, due to which more and more people have proactively started taking care of their health. This aspiration of leading a healthy lifestyle leads to more number of tests happening at the Pathology labs and Diagnostic centers and hospitals requiring more and more Paramedical staff.

Since there are hospitals (small or mid-sized) or diagnostic centers located at every nook and corner in Mumbai. Thus, it can be concluded that the scope of Paramedical courses and Paramedic as a career is exceptionally good.

Students can make the most of this scope of Paramedical courses by undergoing the training at PIER and with the experience gained during the course they can easily secure Good-Paying Jobs in leading private hospitals, government hospitals, and diagnostic centers.

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Scope of Paramedical Courses in Mumbai
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